Industrial shelving for warehouses and the different types


The primary purpose of a warehouse is to store goods. They are a unique environment where storage and shelving facilities are paramount. Warehouses have distinctive needs in terms of maximising space for storage purposes, the kind of storage capabilities not found in a normal home or office environment. So with this in mind it is important to get the right one for you. You could try a Warehouse Space London company and check out options including  Shelving that works well there is not going to last long in a warehouse! Warehouse storage must be robust, heavy duty and highly reliable.

For this kind of environment, industrial shelving is required. This type of shelving is available in many varieties, including wire shelving, double rivet shelving, mobile systems and circular shelving, to name just a few. As well as many different shelving options, there are a number of accessories that can be added to further maximise the use and efficacy of the shelving.

When deciding which system is right for your warehouse needs, the different options can be compared by their design and size:

Wire Shelving – Sturdy, robust and easily adjustable. The wire construction is good for not accumulating dust over time. They offer the chance to store a variety of different objects and it’s simple to add more units to store more goods.

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Mobile Shelving Systems – These take up less space so are ideal for areas with limited space. The storage on offer is double the amount of space they occupy, so perfect for maximising storage space.

Rivet Shelving – This type is available in either single or double rivet. Which one is right for you depends on the weight of items you need to store per shelf. A double rivet shelf will hold more weight, so is the ideal choice for most warehouses with heavy duty storage requirements. Single rivet shelving is useful for the storage of lots of small items however, making inventory easier to organise. They offer a slimmer shelf, so you can get more shelves per unit compared to double rivet shelving systems.

Cantilever Racks – If the items you need to store are long and won’t fit on traditional sized shelves, then a cantilever rack could be the solution. These are used to store objects like poles, tubing, pipes and timber.

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Pallet Racks – Pallet racks are used mainly for supporting heavy pallets full of goods to enable speed in the loading and unloading of forklift trucks. They are ideal for making good use of vertical space, freeing up more space on your floor. They are great for keeping stock of inventory and allow merchandise to be accessed quickly and easily.

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