How to transform your garage into a gym


Is your local gym too expensive or too inconveniently located to get to after a long day’s work? Are you tired of waiting for equipment to become free? If so, perhaps it is time to consider creating a gym at home, and your garage could be the ideal location.

How to transform your garage into a gym

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Look at the space

You might not have the room, or the finances, for a rowing machine; however, clearing the space is the first step. Once the space is empty, give it a good clean. Cobwebs and decades of dust are not conducive to a feel-good gym session. If there is a window, prop it open for a while to help air the space. Finally, think about painting the walls. A single coat of whitewash could brighten the space immeasurably. You might also want to add a big mirror or two.

Plan your equipment

You may already have some gym equipment, even if it does not extend beyond some weights and a skipping rope; alternatively, you may have an old step machine or spin bike. Dust them down, check them over, and move them into your new gym.

Don’t forget smaller pieces of kit. A squat stand, with barbell and plates, offers the potential for a thorough workout, as do kettlebells, a Swiss (or exercise) ball, and a skipping rope. A sturdy yoga mat is great for floor exercises and inexpensive to purchase.

How to transform your garage into a gym2

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If you need exercise inspiration, the NHS is a good source of ideas for creating your own workouts.


Bigger pieces of equipment will have their own permanent places in your gym, while smaller items will need to be stored away sensibly so you are not tripping over them when you are not using them. You will want them accessible, of course, so it will pay to spend some time examining garage shelving systems. A visit to your local hardware store may provide all you need, particularly if you are a dab hand at DIY. Alternatively, you could look at the designs and fittings offered by a specialist such as

Finishing touches

What about a fridge for cold drinks, a water dispenser, or some sort of music system? The latter does not have to involve a pricy built-in sound system, as an iPod and decent speaker set can be just as effective and motivating.

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