How to style a skater dress


A skater style can make the perfect wedding guest dress if worn with the right accessories and in an appropriate colour.

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No matter what you’ve decided to wear with your dress, make sure the dress itself is the right colour for a wedding. Under no circumstances should you wear white, any shade of white, or anything that might look white from a distance – think ivory, cream, silvery and very light pastel colours – and try to not have on the same shade as the bridesmaids! Invites will often be the colour of the bridal party’s dresses. Take that colour as a note to avoid it. Try not to be top to toe in black. If you wear only dark colours, why not try navy? If you won’t entertain anything but black, use your accessories to brighten up your outfit for the day.

Seasons and Accessories

For Spring and Summer weddings, a skater dress in a bright or light colour (avoiding those listed above) is perfect. There are so many beautiful skater styles that would be perfect for wedding guest dresses. These range from block colours to those with bold patterns or lace overlays. If you choose a plain dress colour-wise, style this with bold shoes and bags. Think oversized clutches in a contrasting colour and high-heeled pumps to match the bag along with bright or chunky jewellery. If you’ve gone wild on the colours and patterns of your dress, tone down the colours of accessories so that your dress really stands out.

If it’s an Autumn or Winter wedding where the weather might not be on your side, consider wearing darker colours and longer styles of skater dresses. There are lots of midi-style skaters to choose from. If dark isn’t your style, why not go half and half, picking either a dark top and bottom or a dark base colour with a light overlay such as those offered by Choose warmer-coloured accessories with your darker winter colours. Look for coppers, bronzes and gold tones.

Whatever you choose to style your skater dress with, remember that you are a guest and are there to be wowed by the bride and her bridal party. Don’t stand out too much and never try to steal their limelight on the big day.

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