How to match colours like a pro


Fashion conscious men often have looks that are their favourites and they are able to pair together items with relative ease. But this is not the case for all men and some will struggle when looking at colours and tones to pair together. In some cases this might result in a clash of colours that is not pleasing. It’s frustrating for some men to have to follow protocol and make sure that every item matches perfectly. Others just give the wind caution and wear what they want.

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It can simply be intuitive to mix and match colours or you can stick to the hard and fast rules. Similar to cooking in which chefs use flavour profiles, a set of rules also apply to fashion. Flavour profiles are groups of flavours and ingredients associated with certain food types, such as Mexican and lime, or Chinese and soy foods. Colour profiles are groups of colours that appear together frequently. If you are unsure of where to start you can look for your favourite Diesel Clothes on site such as and see what other items that they pair them with in the photographs.

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Complementing, not matching, is the first law. Red and green, yellow and purple and blue and orange are some basic complementary colour variations. Many wardrobe pieces are complemented by neutrals and there are nice cupboard shades in the shop. They are made predominantly of grey, navy, dark blue, brown, white, black and olive. Since they do not overwhelm and they go well with darker, more powerful colours, they’re given the name neutral.

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