How to create a baby-safe bathroom


Bath time is often the favourite time of day for most babies, but it’s vital that your little one is kept safe from harm at all times. There are lots of potential dangers lurking in a bathroom, so knowing what these are, preventing them, and creating a baby-safe bathroom is a must.

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Constant supervision

When your baby is in the bath or anywhere in the bathroom, they should be supervised at all times. According to Healthy Children, children can drown in only a few inches of water, so never leave a child alone in the bath, not even for a moment.

When your baby is in the bath, use a bath seat or similar aid to provide support, although your baby will still need to be supervised at all times. A baby tub is suitable for a newborn up to the age of around six months; after that, they can use the bath. To prevent your baby from banging their head on the taps, insert rubber guards over each spout.

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Water temperature

Always check the water temperature before putting your baby in the bath. Using your elbow is a good indicator, or you can purchase a digital thermometer. To prevent accidental scalding, consider using a thermostatic valve to set the maximum temperature to no more than 46°C.

Keep dangerous items out of reach

Medicine cabinets should always be locked to prevent little ones from investigating what’s inside them. You should also keep items such as cleaning products, shampoo, toothpaste, razors, scissors or tweezers out of the way, high up on a shelf where they can’t be reached.

Close the toilet lid

Youngsters are inquisitive and may be tempted to see what’s lurking in the toilet. To prevent children from putting their hands in the toilet or throwing toys in it, always keep the lid closed.

Foldable shower screens

If you have a shower over the bath, install a foldable shower screen so you can easily access your baby in the bath. Choose a shower screen that is toughened and safety certified, such as 12mm shower glass panels from

Prevent slipping

Bathrooms get wet quickly and are prime areas for slipping, particularly for babies who are unsteady on their feet. To prevent accidental falls, add a non-slip mat to the bath and choose flooring that has a low slip rating.

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