How to clean your laminate flooring


During the year it is common for tiled and laminate floors to become dirty very quickly with muddy footprints and other detritus. Luckily it is far easier to keep this type of flooring in good, clean condition than carpeted flooring just like business Ace Cleaning Company achieve when they come to you.

Although easy in small areas if you have this type of flooring in a large space for example at work and you need help to clean this you could hire a company to do this for you.

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Laminate flooring has risen in popularity in recent years now that production standards have risen and the choice of styles is so varied; however, what are the best techniques to adopt when cleaning laminate floors and are there any precautions that you need to take?

The tools

Using the right mop is a good starting point for cleaning laminate floors, with microfibre mops generally regarded as the best type of mop for cleaning laminate floors. Their net-like nature means they are good for successfully picking up and trapping dirt, moisture and debris; in addition, thanks to their swivel head, they can reach into the nooks and crannies that standard mops and cloths might miss.

Use a suitable cleaning solution to lift the dirt and grime. If you use a shop-bought solution, take care to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions before use; alternatively, you can make your own solution using vinegar, water and washing up liquid.

The technique

It is advisable to vacuum or sweep floors before mopping to remove any large build-ups of dust; however, remember that certain vacuums are not suitable for laminate floors due to scratching risks. Use a spray bottle and small amount of warm water to dampen the mop, then run it over the floor until all the dirt is removed. Remember that mop pads are reusable but need to be cleaned between uses.

Dos and don’ts

One of the main things to be aware of when cleaning laminate floors is not to overuse water. Factors such as using too much water on the surface can seriously impair its life span, as it can get in the cracks and lead to warping. This can be true even for flooring that is allegedly water and humidity proof. For this reason, you should avoid string mops and clean up any puddles or standing water as soon as possible.

This is a simple and effective way to keep your laminate floor clean without causing any damage.

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