How to choose the right ceiling rose for your home


If your ceiling does not feature original oak beams or an elaborate glass roof, there is no reason it should be an afterthought. The ceiling is often considered the fifth wall of a room and gives you the space you need to create an eye-catching focal point.

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Having a statement ceiling is more commonplace in a period property. The modern homeowner may discover the ceiling has been overlooked; however, as trends change, the ceiling rose has once again become a desirable accessory.

Often used to complement other aspects of a room, such as decorative panelling or a period fireplace, a ceiling centrepiece is an inexpensive and ornamental solution to a large blank canvas. It brings key elements of a room together to generate a stunning and prominent aesthetic.

Carefully selected, the right design and accompanying light fitting will add character to your room. Here are five things to consider that will help you to make the right choice:

1. Style

Are you replacing the original design in a period property? Make sure the style you choose is in keeping with the property’s original features. Conversely, if you are selecting a ceiling rose for a newer build, make sure it matches the modern aspects of the room, such as the light fittings or coving.

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2. Size

Consider the proportions of your room and be careful not to opt for a design that is too large for the space and height. Make sure it is the correct size for your light fitting, such as the one in the restored Willow Tea Rooms. A tiny rose with a large chandelier may just look out of place.

3. DIY design

If your creative juices are flowing, think about designing a bespoke item. Kicking back with your feet up in the evenings will add a whole new meaning to DIY job satisfaction.

4. Fitting

Who will fit it? If you are not qualified to carry out electrical work, call in a professional electrician to safely manage the electrics and assist with any complex fitting issues

5. Finishing touches

What will you do with your finished item? Once fitted, make sure you have a plan in place to complete the piece. Consider the paint finish, the colour, and how it will match the rest of the room.

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