How to Apply Effects to Travel Videos with Movavi Video Editor


Would you like to spice up your travel videos with some interesting effects? It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything over the top, but could just be something that subtly alters the style of the video or makes it look more atmospheric. On the other hand you may want to do more than that, and completely change the visual appearance of the footage to infuse it with a new and unique look.

Although it may seem as though applying effects is an ‘advanced’ form of editing, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. In fact with Movavi Video Editor you can pick and choose from hundreds of different effects that require nothing more than a few clicks to apply to your travel video.


In order to use Movavi Video Editor as a video effects software, start by launching it and selecting ‘Create project in full feature mode’ in the menu. After that add the travel video that you want to edit by clicking on the ‘Add Media Files’ button and selecting it.

Once the travel video has been added it should appear in the ‘Timeline’ section located in the lower part of Movavi Video Editor’s interface. To start applying effects to it, open up the ‘Filters’ tab on the left and browse through the selection that’s available and neatly categorized.

Using the ‘Preview’ window on the right you can see what each effect looks like by just clicking on it. When you find one that you like you can then drag and drop it onto the travel video in the ‘Timeline’ and Movavi Video Editor will apply it to that clip.

It is worth noting that there is no limitation regarding the number of effects that you can apply to a video in Movavi Video Editor, and so you can get creative and mix and match the effects. Assuming you want to remove an effect at any point, just click on the small ‘star’ icon near the clip and select the effect in the list that pops up then click ‘Remove’.

Keep in mind that there are also many other features in Movavi Video Editor that you can use to edit and improve your video. It is able to enhance the quality of videos, cut and join video segments, add captions, include audio tracks, and much more.

After you’re satisfied, you can click ‘Export’ and select a format or preset to save your video. That is honestly all that it takes to apply effects in Movavi Video Editor, and with a bit of creativity you could transform your travel video so that it truly stands out and looks unique and amazing.

Written by suNCh8

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