How Technology Has Changed Cooking


Many pieces of kitchen technology have changed the way in which we prepare and cook foods at home. From the invention of contemporary gadgets to make certain jobs quicker or easier, to items that are taken for granted today, we have it far easier than our grandparents when it comes to preparing any meal.  If you have just had your kitchen done redone by Essex Kitchens supplier for example or just fancy a spruce up why not check out the below gadgets to add a little more glam to your home.

How Technology Has Changed Cooking

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We all have our favourite bits of technology: our standard go to gadget which is integral to the preparation of certain meals, the one thing that we would be lost without should they break down. Chef Jacques Pepin who is a best selling author and host of a range of TV shows including More Fast Food my Way has named items such as the food processor and rubber spatula as some of his most favoured pieces of technology to use in the kitchen. The personal chef to former French President Charles de Gaulle has selected these items thanks to the impact that they have on his work in the kitchen, helping him to prepare fantastic dishes for visiting dignitaries as well as the President himself.

The Refrigerator

Put simply, having a refrigerator in the kitchen has made an almost inconceivable impact on home cooking as well as shopping. With the ability to keep food fresh for at least a couple of days in the fridge, and even longer if you are also using a freezer, the refrigerator has changed our shopping habits as well as the way in which we cook dishes. Now that daily trips to the market are not needed to have fresh food in the house, we have gravitated towards weekly shopping patterns, and often cook more than we need in order to have leftovers the following day.

The Microwave

Giving us the opportunity to cook certain items quickly, whilst reheating dishes kept fresh in the fridge, the microwave has been helping us prepare meals in a convenient manner for the last thirty years or so. In using these fast and effective devices, we are able to prepare food in ways that would not have even been considered in the past.

Kitchen knife technology

Whilst the design of kitchen knives has not changed a great deal over the years, the technology used to create the knives and ensure that they stay sharp even in heavy usage has evolved greatly. Gone are the days in which five minutes needed to be spent sharpening a blade before it could be used to carve a joint of meat, thanks to advances such as amorphous metals.

Recently, NBC ran down a list of gadgets that could be used for a range of kitchen tasks, including an automatic pancake maker, a portable watermelon cooler and a juice evaporator. Whilst these will not get much day to day use, they all create interesting food items in a novel manner.

Whichever gadgets you use in the kitchen, their very presence can help to make your cooking experience far easier than it would have been in the past.

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