How do you become a Jedi knight and is it worth it?


How long does it take to become a Jedi and what actual jobs do they get to do? It might not seem to be a pressing problem when we first met them in Episode one The Phantom Menace. Jedi are the peacekeepers of the Republic, a big part, but not all, of the Universe. Jedi’s are like interstellar policemen but they are also there as ambassadors, negotiators. Whenever there is trouble the Jedi are sent in.  And their skills come in pretty handy around the house as well, imagine being able to open Garage Doors Bristol way for people coming home from work, or switching the TV off from a different room, all with your mind!

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Not everyone sensitive to the Force gets to become a Jedi. A good example of this is Princess Leia. She never gets the proper training in how to wield it but has latent talents that “pop-up” from time to time.  This is when she can “hear” Luke call to her for rescue under Bespin Cloud City and when she pulls herself back into the Resistance cruiser “Raddus” after the control deck is blown apart by First Order weapon’s fire. Once a life form is deemed to have force powers they have to undergo a tough process of testing and exams to see if they are suitable to be an initiate. Those accepted become shut off from society so that they can learn to contain their emotions away from hate and fear and learn to love and respect the universe and others. If that sounds a bit wet then consider two of the strongest ever Jedi, Anakin and Luke Skywalker. They were denied the process and remembered the success they made in their lives. If Yoda had been allowed to stick to his decision and send Anakin to the Council of Reassignment for a force sensitive job rather than let Mr headstrong Qui Gon Jinn say he’d train him it would have saved a lot of bother later.

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The next stage is to be a Padawan where you learn directly under a Jedi Knight out in the field. You pass this test by building your own lightsaber and the braid of hair you have on the side of your head to show you are a Padawn is lopped off by it. There is then the matter of the trials (which are probably difficult and involve having a fight with yourself or something like Luke does against the fake Vader on Dagobah). For Luke to become a full knight he has to beat the real one a second time and not lose like he does in the Empire Strikes Back.

You are now a full Jedi Knight and if you like you can study other bits as well like being a bodyguard or learning diplomatic skills you can. Have lightsaber will travel as the old saying goes.

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