Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service for Your Business


A safe and clean working environment in your business is essential and will benefit your employees and customers visiting your office.

Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service for Your Business

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Most businesses hire a professional cleaning service to take care of all their hygiene and cleaning requirements, and there will be several companies in the area where you live. Before deciding on one company, get quotations from several and ask them to list the duties they provide. They will come to your premises, estimate the work and discuss a timetable which is convenient to your workplace.


When choosing, make sure they have insurance which covers the cleaners on your premises. This means you will not be liable if a cleaner gets hurt while cleaning. Check that they have a Health and Safety policy making sure they adhere to the Occupational Health and Safety Act . Request references from other clients. A good cleaning company will be able to provide one from existing customers, then contact a few and ask how happy they are with the service. An experienced cleaning company that has been operating for years will have established procedures and systems to ensure the cleaning service is delivered effectively.


The price of the cleaning service needs to be competitive, but don’t go on price alone – for example, do the company provide all the cleaning materials or are these an additional charge? What is the period of the contract agreement, annually or month to month? Establish when the cleaning service will be carried out, early morning or out of hours in the evening. Can you have a trial period before signing any contract, perhaps a 30-day trial? Who is the point of contact if you have any issues and will there be onsite supervision?

Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service for Your Business2

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If your company is concerned about using environmentally friendly products, check out green cleaning services. Every area of the country has a vast amount of cleaning companies, such as office cleaning in Belfast http://www.maccleanni.com/, who will provide good, competitive service for all your needs.


Don’t get cornered into a cleaning service which either provides too much or too little – ask if they provide add-on services that could streamline your processes. Make sure all the staff have full training and have refresher courses at regular intervals, and find out what their policy is on emergency requests.

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