Getting a Friend to make you the perfect bath.


One of the funniest episodes of Friends has to be the one where Monica decides to make Chandler a bath. By this point they are living together and although it’s pretty clear that a make-over by a Bathroom Renovations Dublin based company like  can make all the difference to his predicament by giving him a space that he can really love and feel comfortable in. Much to Monica’s dismay Chandler does not like baths. He much prefers to have a lovely shower and to make the point sees baths as merely “stewing in your own filth”. To Monica this thought is an aberration and ultimately calls into question their entire relationship (again) ignoring the fact he said she looked attractive as a wet naked wet lady. She resolves that Chandler will like to take a bath and that he will enjoy it (despite that fact the script writers ignored the episode when he quite happily got in with her in his apartment and never mentioned it then. How does the rest of this exciting episode play out? Spoiler alert! Monica gets her own way.

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Chandlers view is challenged almost immediately by Monica in that she cannot understand why he doesn’t get the relaxation element. She determines that the only way she can get Chandler to enjoy a bath is if she obsesses about creating the perfect one and then providing him with it. Monica is nothing if not through and she also sees it as a way to distract Chandler from his constant demands for intimacy on the balcony of the apartment (which quite rightly Monica has denied him)

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Chandler comes home to find that Monica has prepared the perfect bath. If has salt and candles plus in a move of genius Monica has bought him a little boy boat to try and make it manlier. Chandler is convinced by this argument declaring that the boat does butch it up and he gets in. He very much enjoys it as the he tries to get it done himself on another occasion. Lamentably he gets it wrong by making the water tepid and not understanding the basic concepts behind scent mixture of the candles. Monica runs through a few basics then warms u the water so the that bath salts start to melt causing him sensations. When he refuses to help her with a Joey/Phoebe related issue she tips the entire bag in.

He begins to enjoy them so much that he steals one of Monica’s jumping in when she’s getting a magazine. Somehow the entire cast end up in the bathroom to discuss the days episodes events and Chandler sarcastically states what a relaxing time he’s having.

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