Four tips for a successful office fit out


Follow these four key tips and your office refurb or fit out should be a breeze.

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1. Audit your current space

If you want to get the most out of the space you’re moving into, it pays to audit the way you use your current workspace. Is there any wasted space? Are items that need to be located in proximity to people, actually near the desks of those who use them most? Printers are a key example.

Look at how much storage you currently have, and how much you really need. Office fit out companies can give professional advice.

2. Future-proof your fit out

In the future, your organisation may look and behave differently. More people may work remotely, and more processes may be electronic. So as with the storage, get radical. Look at how much space the office really needs, and what kinds of space that should be. Where many people work remotely, office meetings are often both business and social, as firms seek to make sure that remote workers feel part of things. So it may be that in future you’re going to need fewer desks and more informal meeting areas.

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Mobius at work provide office fit outs that take account of wellness at work too. This is increasingly important to employees, and it’s worth checking out the British Council for Offices’ publication, “Wellness Matters” –

3. Keep it flexible

Office space is expensive, and it needs to work hard. One way of achieving this is to go for a flexible fit out. Screens, blinds, movable partitions and other items can enable a space to be social one day, a quiet room the next, and a presentation space the day after that – it’s just a matter of suitable fitting out.

One of the ways to make a space perform different functions is lighting. If the lighting in a room can be adjusted to fulfil different requirements, it can make the room work much more flexibly.

4. Make sure your fit-out company can project manage

There may be all kinds of compliance issues to resolve, including energy performance, building regulations, health and safety and disability awareness. A professional fit out company will take care of all of this, and will have the expertise and experience to deliver a compliant workplace.

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