Five Ideas To Put The Fun In Fundraising


Thinking of raising some money for diabetes research but just aren’t sure of the best way of going about it? Fear not – the world of fund raising is filled with fun-filled activities that are ultimately rewarding. If someone in your life has been affected by diabetes, there are numerous ways to go about raising awareness and money for vital research.

Dinner Party

We’ve all watched those dinner party television shows, admit it; they’re a guilty pleasure. Why not convert your home into a restaurant for the night and invite your friends and family round to order from your set menu?

You could even organise a weekly event, with a number of your friends taking turns at hosting a dinner party. Each night you can donate however much you think the meal was worth – at the end of the week you will have raised a decent amount of money between you and will have the memories to reflect upon for a long time. Best put in lots of effort when hosting your party though – you don’t want anyone else to be able to brag about winning the week!


Everyone likes a good BBQ, so why not charge a small fee for your friends to pay at the gate as they come round to enjoy the summer sun?

Benefit Gig

Local bands are often eager to play for free at benefit gigs, meaning a sizeable and eclectic range of bands can be gathered. It is worth approaching venues who will provide their services for free on the day – perhaps even for an ‘all-dayer’, which would mean a significant amount of bands will be able to play, bringing with them their fans and friends. The ticket prices need not be extortionate for these events, as every little helps, especially when the crowds arrive in such numbers.

Football Match

Attracting a range of your friends who do not regularly play football can be a fun and memorable experience, although you could even approach multiple teams who take the game more seriously for a regulated tournament in honour of your charity. Assembling multiple teams for a knockout style tournament and asking for a donation from each player is an ideal way to raise money. The grass roots approach means that these tournaments can be put on by anyone, with the nation’s favourite sport an ideal way to unite people in the battle against diabetes.


The classic! Shaving your head/beard/moustache might be a bit gender-biased, but it is a quick and easy way to get your friends to sponsor you. Even more effective if you have particularly long or stylised hair.

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