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We’re often told that smiling is good for us and a good smile has become synonymous with good health, well being and attractiveness.

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Not only does it exercise the face, just the act of smiling can improve your mood and trick your brain into feeling happier.

Poor dental hygiene can have an enormous impact on our health in general, and can lead to gum disease. Gum disease itself is thought to be an indicator of many underlying life-threatening diseases. For example, patients with gum disease are thought to be twice as likely to have coronary heart disease than people without gum disease.

With the rise of cosmetic dentistry techniques, such as teeth whitening, straightening and veneers, as well as the unstoppable rise of the Selfie, people are becoming more self-conscious about their teeth. Having a good smile has become a sign of good health and attractiveness.

Preventing dental problems is therefore extremely important. Events like National Smile Month, the UK’s longest running oral health campaign, aim to promote the public’s awareness of dental health. Launched in 1977, the campaign is now celebrating 40 years of promoting and improving the UK’s oral health.

Key messages

The primary aim of National Smile Month is the promotion of three simple messages: Brush your teeth at least twice a day, cut down on sugary foods and drinks, and visit your dentist regularly.

Many people are nervous about visiting a dentist, so a big part of the campaign is to reassure people that going for a check-up is nothing to be scared about. Regular visits are really important to prevent decay and disease occurring and are a vital aspect of our health in general.


For those people who have successfully managed to avoid the dentist for many years, ignoring tell-tale signs like bleeding gums, toothache, bad breath, oral infections and even loose teeth, they may feel that their teeth are beyond help, but even serious problems can be remedied with the skills and experience of specialists like Leicester cosmetic dentist SJR Dental.

People with even severe dental issues can be sure that cosmetic dentistry by sjrdental can restore their confidence and their smile!

So if you’re serious about your health and your teeth, don’t put off that check-up any longer!

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