Fascinating facts about the country of Turkey


Turkey is an incredibly popular holiday destination due t its white candy beachies, crystal blue waters, vibrant nightlife and historical architecture. If you are looking for somewhere to stay this year I would recommend taking a look at Kas villa rental who have some lovely places. You can find out more on their website http://kas4villarentals.com/ There are some fascinating and surprising facts about Turkey that I wanted to share with you.

  • It is home to one of the worlds biggest and largest malls. The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul dates back to 1455 and was created shortly after Constantinople was defeated by the Ottoman conquest. The Bazaar contains 61 streets over 333,000 square feet. There are over 3,000 shops for you to have a look around and you definitely won’t get around them all.
  • Chicken is not just for your main meal – one of the traditional Ottoman treats is chicken breast pudding. This is chicken boiled with milk and sugar and topped off with a dusting of cinnamon. It is definitely worth a try!
  • Turtles galore – One of beaches located near Fethiye is a massive breeding ground for the loggerhead sea turtle. These endangered turtles travel to Iztuzu Beach between May and October each year to visit the site of their own births to lay their eggs. Around 300 nests appear each year.

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  • Greasing up – the national sport of Turkey is oil wrestling, where two men are striped to the waist, covered in olive oil and then wrestle until one of them is crowned the victor. This is a 654-year-old tradition.
  • Ancient constructions can be found in Turkey. It was originally thought that it wanst until humans had mastered the art of agriculture that they started to big large-scale constructions. Gobekli Tepe dismisses this view as there is evidence of a large-scale construction on the site that sates back to around 2,000 years before what is known as the agricultural revolution. It is even dated before the invention of the wheel and the written language.
  • New discoveries – Turkey is home to over 10,000 plants species and 80,000 animal species and it is thought that a new plant is currently discovered every 10 days in the country. It is amongst the world’s 35 hotspots for biodiversity. If you are a bird or flower lover it is a country full of magnificent sights for you.

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Why not visit Turkey and see some of these amazing sights for yourself.

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