Fascinating facts about Gloucester


If you live in or around Gloucester perhaps in Gloucester Park Homes or one of the new build developments in the area you will be aware of the City’s long history dating back to Roman times. But here are some facts that you might not have been aware of.

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  • Gloucester Cathedral was used in 1216 for the coronation of King Henry III who was just nine years old when he succeeded the throne.

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  • Gloucester Rugby have the delightful nickname of ‘Cherry and Whites’, however they once had a more unusual name – ‘Elver Eaters’ – this came from the annual eel eating competition that took part in the county.
  • If you weren’t already aware you can see some of the city’s Roman ruins in the Eastgate underground viewing chamber. This shows the edge of the Roman Fortress that was located in the centre along with a 13th Century tower and a horse-pool.
  • Beatrix Potter’s delightful tale of The Tailor of Gloucester is based on the story of a local tailor that Potter heard when she was visiting the city. She sketched some of the areas of the city to use as inspiration for the tale. The original tailors shop that now houses a museum dates all the way back to 1535.
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