Famous television kitchens all around.


Have you ever noticed how so much happens in the kitchen on TV shows? They seem to be the place where a great revelation about a character is made like secret confession or a private chat. For example, a recent episode of the BBC comedy drama “Inside Number 9” featured the trials and tribulations of a family in the 24 days up to Christmas solely by events filmed in one location, namely the kitchen and the nearby dining room.

Kitchens tend to be the heart of the home where food is lovingly prepared and served and where cooking skills are passed down from generation to generation. This is true in everyday life when you gather in your Norwich Fitted Kitchens that you had fitted by companies like https://www.graysfittedfurniture.co.uk/kitchens/  as it is in the world of television.

What are the most iconic kitchens in TV?

  1. Annie Sugden’s Kitchen – Emmerdale Farm. With its huge black Wooden door leading out to the yard this famous farmhouse kitchen was the central point for the show from its beginnings in 1972 right up to the mid Nineties. Annie Sugden along with her Dad Sam Pearson conducted pretty much everything from her enormous Aga range. Every problem that beset the Sugden’s and son in law Matt Skilbeck (and in those days it was more likely an issue with field drainage and sheep rather than crooked land owners or plane’s crashing) encountered was soon out to rights over the huge wooden kitchen table.

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  1. 45 Albert Square – A scene of misery and joy in equal measure (although one could say that about all of Eastenders) this was the home of the Fowlers namely Pauline, Arthur, Michelle and Martin.  The kitchen has seen many a discourse usually with Pauline arms deep in washing up being told some terrible tale by her Mother Lou or some other random character looking for advice. It’s no wonder she became an old battle axe. The Kitchen could do with a good refurb. For example when we first see it there is a fridge in the Victorian fireplace.

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  1. Lorelai Gilmores Kitchen – Despite the fact it is only ever used by Luke and Sooki for actual cooking in a lot happens in the kitchen at the Gilmore’s (mainly Lorelai or Rory ordering a delivery).  It is here that Rory nods off cramming for her Shakespeare test, and where Rory realises that she loves Jess over Dean as he skilful runs rings around Paris Geller to name but two example.
  2. Alice’s domain – The Brady Bunch. Whenever one of the Brady clan was having an issue such as trouble with a bully or ignoring the Vietnam War they could always find wholesome sage advice from their housekeeper Alice.

As we saw at the start a strong matriarchal figure must have her domain and invariable it is the kitchen where this happens. Always cooking something tasty or making a pot of tea/coffee this is where  you’ll find them and thank goodness for that.


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