Famous doors in real life, film and literature


There are many famous Doors that have been opened by essential people or heroes in films and books. A closed door can only be opened when it leads to some new adventure on the other side. Your door may be in need of some attention or replacement. Why not look at Doors near me and https://www.firmfix.co.uk/doors-near-me/ who can help you.

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  1. 10 Downing Street. The Home of the UK Prime Minister, this was once a regular residence on a typical London street. Now, it is a heavily gated security zone. Simple black with a silver ten, it is a very simple design.
  2. The entrance to Moria in the Fellowship of the Ring. Trying to find a way through the Misty Mountains, the Fellowship tries to enter the Dwarf stronghold. All they must do is speak “friend” and enter,

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3. The Rovers Return. A famous green door that leads into an end-of-the-street pub is still going strong some 63 years after it was first opened. This is the Rover Return, and despite pubs struggling, this one is always full and popular.

4. The Chrysler Building in New York. A work of Art Deco brilliance, the entrance to this building, at one point the highest in the world, is a glorious riot of gold, brass and steel. A reflection of the material used to create the whole thing, the doors act as the perfect introduction.

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