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When it comes to choosing your spring and summer wardrobe items looking for some Clothing will see you given some incredible design and fabric choices. During the Spring and Summer the weather here in the UK can be slightly unpredictable with rainy spells and heat waves all an option.  During these heat spells if your sat at work in a boiling hot office in jeans you could potentially faint.   A business offering Air con Gloucester way could come in and install coolers for you so this becomes a chilled out area in more than one sense of the word.  This is why the staple advice for both men and women is to carry light layers with them. This means that you can keep yourself cool in the summer sun whilst keeping the chill off your arms during the cooler weather that can appear in the early evening.

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It is for this reason that many of our summer clothes are made from materials like cotton and linen. Cotton is produced from the cotton plant and is a wonderful material for creating shirts, skirts and dresses. The material is breathable meaning it allows air to reach your body and can aid in cooling your down. Cotton is one of the preferred fabric choices for making clothing for young children. As you may already know, children do not perspire in the same way that we do and so can find it harder to regulate their body temperature during hot weather. It is important when you are looking to buy cotton fabrics and clothing that you buy from a responsible company that take sustainability of the cotton fields seriously

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Linen is similar to cotton in its fabric qualities but it is produced from flax. There has been a move over to linen more as it is a more sustainable product and has not been subjected to overgrowth like cotton has in some instances. Linen is a breathable fabric and you will often find it is used for summer jackets and trousers. It can also be used to create some beautiful dresses and skirts. Linen can crease very easily and so it should be handled carefully if sewing with at home and you need to make sure that you iron linen clothes before wearing them.

There are many other man made fabric that have appeared on the market for active wear which also helps to absorb moisture and keep the body cool during activity. These are starting to be used in mainstream garments as well.

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