Everything You Need to Know About a Security Seal for Trucks


Security seals are vital in the haulage industry. Security seals keep trucks and trailers secure, free from tampering, and deter thefts. These seals must comply with appropriate regulations both for domestic and international transport.

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Different security seals are useful for different situations.

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International Road Transport

Trailers that are used for international goods transport are subject to strict customs regulations. The type of seal that will be used depends on the type of transport used.

Container Trucks

This kind of transport has standardised cargo to ensure fast and compatible transfers. The most commonly used for this type of vehicle are high security seals – adjustable cable or bottle barrier seals. These must comply with ISO/PAS 17712 and the American C-TPAT regulations.

The TIR Convention

The TIR Convention is an international agreement that regulates the transport of goods by road. Trailers that fall under the guidelines of the TIR must meet requirements on sealing goods. Signs of tampering in customs seals can result in searches of transport vehicles at borders and not being allowed to continue on their route. There are seals that meet these requirements. A selection can be seen on this site if you click here.

Delivery Vans

Smaller vans or trucks, used for local goods distribution, do not usually have security seals. However, a good option is to fix security labels between the rear doors if you have concerns. Security stickers that leave no residue will avoid damaging the paint of your van. If you have a smaller truck with a rolling door at the rear, security locks will already be built in. To add more security, use an adjustable strap seal such as the Ten-Lok 2 or New-Lok.

Articulated Vehicles

Articulated trucks are the most widely used vehicles for goods transport. They will usually have security mechanisms built in, but they can have security seals added for extra protection. Fixed-length or ring-type strap seals are not tightly fixed around the bolt, meaning that the seals can be moved freely for reading and examination so tampering can be easily detected.

Road Tankers

Hazardous goods are often transported in tankers, meaning that security is of vital importance and the goods should always be sealed. The most commonly used types are adjustable cable, ring type and indicating strap.

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