Creative summer kids’ party ideas


Whether it’s a birthday, celebrating the end of SATS or the final year at primary school, throwing a party for your children in the summer provides you with a much wider choice of activities as you can often get outdoors.

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Before we get into the fun stuff, it’s worth remembering that if it’s a sunny day you should always make sure the kids have access to sunscreen and maybe think about creating a shaded area so they can keep out of direct sun when its at its hottest. The NHS provides some great advice about staying safe in the sun.

Staying at home

If your garden is big enough you can host your party at home and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. If it’s sunny and you have a tent, put it up in the garden and use it as the games arena or chill out zone. Kids will love ‘camping out’ together.

You can decorate the inside of a tent quite easily, as there are often lots of loops and hooks to attach things too. Throw in a few brightly coloured cushions and bean bags and you’ve got the perfect chill out zone. You could even set up your tent as an outdoor cinema and show a movie – this makes the catering easy too, as you can simply serve hot dogs and popcorn.

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There are loads of great games you can play in the garden which also save your house getting into a complete mess. Hang a piñata on your washing line or make a limbo game by balancing a pre decorated washing line prop on two garden chairs. Food on a string is a popular game and much easier to clear up in the garden!

Getting the professionals in

If you want to take some of the stress out of your party it’s worth getting some expert help in, whether that be for the catering or entertainment.

There’s a whole range of party entertainment you can hire, from a DJ to a magician, bouncy castle to football darts.

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Most party entertainment suppliers have a wealth of experience and offer a range of set packages that will suit most parties, but can also tailor the package to meet your exact needs


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