Colour ideas for your crochet projects


When it comes to crochet, the colours you choose can evoke emotions, set the mood, and transform your crochet projects into stunning art. If you are looking for inspiration to breathe life into your next crochet creation, here are some colour ideas to spark your imagination.

Natural colours

Take a cue from the natural world. Earthy tones such as moss green, sky blue and sunflower yellow can bring a touch of the outdoors to your crochet projects. Whether you are working on a cosy blanket or a delicate shawl, nature-inspired colours create a harmonious and soothing effect. Take a look at crochet blanket kits from stockists such as to get some ideas.

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Bold and vibrant

For those who love a pop of colour, consider a palette of bold and vibrant shades. Mix and match bright reds, electric blues and sunny oranges to create a lively and energetic vibe. This colour scheme is perfect for accessories such as scarves and hats, adding a playful touch to your wardrobe.


If you are aiming for a soft and timeless look, pastel colours are your best friend. Soft pinks, mint greens and lavender hues create a delicate and elegant feel. This colour scheme is ideal for baby blankets, delicate doilies, or lightweight garments.


Explore the beauty of a monochrome colour scheme. Choose different shades of a single colour to create depth and sophistication. Monochrome projects, such as blankets or pillows, can be visually striking and offer a modern, cohesive look.

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Embrace the colours of the seasons: rich burgundies and deep oranges for autumn, icy blues and whites for winter, fresh greens and pastels for spring, and vibrant yellows and blues for summer. Seasonal colour schemes add a touch of festivity and make your crochet projects timely and relevant.

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