Christmas is a time to Enjoy sewing


If you are a fan of sewing your own items whether this is clothing items, household or any other item Christmas is a great time to give some of these out as gifts and to get yourself some quality crafting time. So why not get yourself some Dressmaking Fabrics or other fabric options.  If you are struggling for inspiration here are some ideas for you.

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Christmas Stockings

If you are struggling to find the perfect Christmas stockings for all of the family, why not make your own? There are so many options for Christmas fabric available that you could make a matching set or perhaps mix them up a little bit. If you are a fan of stockings as decoration items, then why not reduce the size of the pattern and create yourself some mini stockings perhaps on a garland or even use tiny stockings to hold the cutlery on your perfectly prepared table ready for Christmas lunch.  If you’re a traditionalist then you will hang it on the fireplace or if you can’t do that then on your radiator.  Make sure you have had a Boiler Service Cheltenham company come in sourced from options including to check your system to make sure it is in working order before the christmas cold comes in.

Christmas bed throw

Buying Christmas bedding may seem like an expense that you don’t want to factor into your Christmas budget so why not create yourself a nice Christmas bed throw or quilt. You could even gift one of these to a loved one for the festive season.

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Candy canes are the perfect shape for hanging onto your tree but why not craft yourself some fabric candy canes in the colours and patterns of your choice. They would make a perfect addition to your tree decorations and well as making a lovely addition to some Christmas bunting. If candy canes aren’t in keeping with your decoration ideas why not make some Father Christmas hats or perhaps Snowmen. The options really are limitless whatever you can imagine you can probably either find a downloadable pattern on line for or even draft your own pattern by drawing out the basic shape – if you decide on this option remember to make the pattern large enough to include a sew allowance.

Napkins and Table Runners

Instead of visiting a number of shops to find the perfect table runner and napkins to match your idea of table decorations you could pop along to the fabric shop and picking some Christmas material that you like and craft your own. These are probably some of the easiest patterns to complete as they are based on square and rectangular shapes that are hemmed on all four sides and backed.

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