Camping or Glamping?


The recent recession and Brexit horror stories may have us feeling the need to tighten our belts and with the cost of foreign travel prohibitively expensive for most families, camping seems to be enjoying a new era.

Some feel that hotels and resorts all offer the same mix of sun, sea and all inclusive over indulgence whereas camping offers a total retreat from the rat race. Camping can be relatively cheaper to other holidays but offers adventure and freedom and the chance to explore more than one location. But is it for you?

Do you have wonderful childhood memories of climbing trees and fishing in rivers, building dens and toasted marshmallows? Or does the idea of camping bring you out in a cold sweat as you relive memories of shivering in a tent while the rain pours, your family bickers and you’d rather be anywhere else?

If the latter sounds more like you then you could consider glamping. Now this is definitely VIP camping! Choose from a huge range of unique accommodation options such as yurts on the beach, wooden tree houses, canal houseboats, a converted bus in a garden and coastal safari tents. A chance to escape into nature but with most of the mod cons found in a hotel!

Camping or Glamping

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Most glamping accommodation will include private toilets, ensuite showers, towels and bedding. Some will also feature a kitchen with electricity. Play areas, BBQ’s and communal washing machines can be found at some sites. It really is camping in style.

Glamping is becoming increasingly popular and there are sites in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. For those conscious of their carbon footprint, both glamping and camping offer significantly less impact on the environment than the impact of air travel and heavy tourism in big resorts.

However some would argue that camping gives us a chance to unplug ourselves and reconnect with ourselves and nature. Surely the idea of getting outdoors is not so we can get wi-fi in our tent and keep checking social media every few minutes? So if you can deal with the critters and the possibility of no running water for a few days then camping must be a more fulfilling experience.

So if you’re ready to brave the big outdoors and feel that glamping is a bit too tame, it would be wise to know your stuff. Having good quality equipment can make a big difference to your comfort so why suffer? Research items including cooking, hygiene, lighting, shelter and sleeping equipment. Try an outdoor bushcraft store like

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