Bronze Age metals were very useful


Bronze was discovered by our ancient ancestors. It was a wonderful discovery for humanity. Bronze is not something you can just dig up, but it’s made by melting down several metals, like tin and copper and then mixing them all together. The alloy is much stronger than the individual metals.

Our ancestors knew how to create an alloy. It’s not clear why they thought it was a great idea, but we are glad they did. This opened up a new world in terms of building materials, making eating utensils, tools, weapons and armour, jewellery, plus art.

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Bronze is still used today for artistic purposes. You can still see beautiful examples of bronze sculptures today. These sculptures are durable and easy to maintain, making them a great addition to any home. For a Bronze Animal Sculpture, visit

It is hard to imagine the excitement of those first few people who used this material. It must have been exciting to feel like they could make and do anything. When bronze is melted, it can be poured in the mould and cooled with water. First, people who worked with bronze would have created large moulds out of clay or stone to pour the metal into. It must have been a thrilling time for the warriors.

Stone was used up until this point for clubs and axes. The new metal was a great improvement over the tin blades that bent, and the armours that could actually begin to deform rather than bend under a strong blow. The arrowhead was the real advantage. The arrow heads were lighter, faster and more effective than stone heads. It was now easier to hunt for meat, which led to an increase in the consumption of this food.

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The material was really at its best in the art world. The metal was easier to work with than stone, and more durable than any other metal. The metal did not tarnish as other metals. The ancient version of Brasso could be used to polish it so that it sparkled in the sunlight and gave off a warm glow. The Colossus of Rhodes is one of the best known examples of its power, even though it has been lost through the centuries, it was one of the seven wonders of the world. This was a giant bronze statue depicting the sun god Helios.

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