Boost Your Home’s Kerb Appeal with These Easy Tricks


Whether you are planning to put your home on the market or just want to make it look more attractive, there are various ways you can boost its kerb appeal. Here we outline some of the easiest jobs to improve your home’s appearance.

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According to Which, when you are selling your home you should make it look good both inside and out.

Paint Your Front Door

Smarten up your front door by painting it in a bold colour that will enhance the rest of the facade. This is an easy and cheap DIY job that can make an immediate difference. This is also a good time to replace hardware such as door knockers and letter boxes that are past their best. Choose a colour and material that contrasts with the paint finish. House numbers can also be renewed at the same time.

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Check Outside Lights

It is important that outside lights, especially those around the door, are clean and working effectively. A well-lit entrance can be much more welcoming than a dark doorway. Brush away any cobwebs around your external light fixtures, replace bulbs as necessary and add extra solar-powered lights if you feel more light is needed.

Do Small Repairs

Any flaky or chipped paint should be touched up, gutters should be cleaned out and any broken fixtures should be repaired or replaced. Take a walk around your home outside, trying to look at is as a stranger would. Sometimes we can become so used to flaws we no longer notice them.

Items such as a broken door on your gas meter box can easily be remedied by getting a replacement from a company such as If you notice unsightly electrical fixtures, they can often be painted to blend in better with the rest of the exterior.

Tidy Your Front Garden

You can boost kerb appeal by adding colourful plants and greenery. This can be almost an instant fix if you use pots, window boxes and planters. If you have a lawn, make sure it is kept neatly mown, free of weeds and well watered in dry weather.

The front path should be clear and well defined so that people feel drawn along it towards your front door.

Your home’s kerb appeal can be improved in very little time when you decide to get started.

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