Best Plants that you can Plant to Attract Wildlife to the Garden


If you want to make the most of your garden and attract wildlife to it, then the first thing you are going to need is plants. But what plants are the best to attract wildlife and what do they attract? Well take a look below, and see what you need to plant…

  • Blackberries – The power plant! Blackberry bushes are a real must for attracting wildlife. They flower from May to September and bear fruit in late summer and autumn, which provides food for birds such as blackbirds and Chaffinches and small mammals like mice. Wrens and thrushes and other small birds will use the brambles to protect them from predators and the all-important bee population will be attracted to the flowers for the pollen. If you plant anything, this is the one to have! It can thrive in most soils and is happy to grow in sun or shade.
  • Best Plants that you can Plant to Attract Wildlife to the Garden

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  • Honeysuckle – This one is loved by butterflies and moths, including the hummingbird hawk moth. It is the sweet nectar that attracts them. Warblers and bullfinches also enjoy the berries that come from this climbing plant, that can be placed to roam through a hedge or up a wall. Why not have a look at garden rooms to watch them bustle over the sweet flowers? Garden Spaces have an array of garden rooms to look at, so you can really enjoy the wildlife in the garden all year around.
  • Holly – Holly is not only great for Christmas cards – it is also great for wildlife. It is hardy and can grow in any soil and doesn’t have a preference over sun or shade. Get a male plant and a female if possible, as the female will only produce berries if pollinated by a male plant. In summer, you will be rewarded with the Holly Blue Butterfly making an appearance, as it provides food for the caterpillars, and the berries are popular with birds, thrushes (including Mistle thrushes) and finches are particularly lured by the festive red berries, particularly when food is scarce during the winter time. It is also loved by hedgehogs who hibernate in the leaves that fall beneath it. You may even find a robin using it for a nest, as the leaves offer excellent protection!
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