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With warmer weather just around the corner and summer on the horizon our thoughts turn to our summer getaway and hand in hand with this goes the plan to be beach-body ready. Gone have most of the New Year resolutions and many of them have been replaced with the old bad habits, but the lure of hot weather has people once again reaching for their goal boards.

Gym memberships will once again see a steep increase along with more demand for activity classes and the almost inevitable celebrity endorsed fitness videos. But with the prices of gym style equipment becoming more affordable, more people are looking to the home gym to reach their fitness goals. Many peoples are utilising spare rooms, conservatories and some even undertaking work and looking to Garage Conversions Cheltenham businesses such as to help them make their dream of a convenient home based gym a reality.

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Below is a list of the most popular pieces of equipment for a home gym style set up.

  1. Dumbbells and Barbells. Alright, not the most exciting item to start with but these humble additions can make all the difference. Add that extra bit of weight to the warm up and you can soon see those arms and thighs start to tighten as they add that little bit of resistance to work the muscles just that little bit harder. Easy to store on the garage racking or shelving too.
  2. Elliptical Trainers. There that’s better isn’t it. These are the rulers for the heart rate increase, in a good way, as the machine works the legs and arms too making for a pretty complete cardio and physical work out. They don’t require much space to store but when you get going on them you do need a fair bit of room.
  3. Stationary bikes. We both with all that annoying lycra and bad weather when you can just happily grind out the miles in the comfort of your gym. Bikes are good for cardio work and for the lower half of your body. It also leads me onto one of the most important elements.
  4. TV and Sound system. It’s a well-known fact that your workout times can be increased if you have something to take your mind of the exercise. Pay for Gyms have them so it’s important to have that motivational song or show playing in the background as you work out.
  5. Strength machines. Basically, a rowing machine. This is a vital piece of equipment if you fancy being the next Sir Steve Redgrave or Helen Glover. More importantly even if you’ve no intention of going near a boat the action of rowing is essential for building up the upper half of your body.

Get some pictures up (possibly of Mr Motivator) and a lick of paint and that beach body could be yours!

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