Battle Of The Household Appliances


The modern kitchen includes a number of appliances – potentially more than ever before. With more and more homes be it houses or flats across the Country increasing in value and demand, especially homes in the main cities like London, London Property Management agencies like are busy advising on which properties to buy or sell and how to get the best value.  We look at some of the ways your kitchen plays a role and we battle out the top household appliances below:

Keen cooks often can’t wait to get their hands on the latest culinary gadgets. But which of these are really essential? Which is the most essential? This is something a little more difficult to define

Battle Of The Household Appliances

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The oven

The earliest ovens date back to ancient times , and today it is easy to think of them as one of the most indispensable appliances in the kitchen. Roasting and baking are among the most common cooking methods in the western world, and are involved in most cooked dinners.

However, this is only based on a western viewpoint. Many other cultures have cooking styles that focus more around stovetop methods such as boiling, steaming and frying and in those countries it is entirely possible to get by without an oven at all. So while an oven is still pretty much indispensable if you live in a Western culture and want to eat that country’s cuisine, it is technically not the most indispensable item of all.

Fridges and freezers

Compared to ovens, fridges and freezers are far more recent inventions, though you could argue that the same idea was carried out for centuries by harvesting ice and using that to cool food . Refrigerators only made their way into the average home a few decades ago, but in that time they have come a long way and there are now many devices on the market, many of them combined into single-unit fridge freezers.
Like the oven, refrigerators and freezers are not technically essential, as the majority of ordinary people made do without any form of refrigeration until a few decades ago. However, they have quickly become one of the most indispensable parts of the modern kitchen. Fridges allow essentials such as milk to be kept much longer without spoiling, and freezers allow many perishable foods to be kept for months at a time. This has transformed household food storage, and also helped stretch household budgets as people have been able to stock up and bulk buy in ways that were never possible before.


The microwave is one of the most modern additions to the kitchen. It is useful for super-fast cooking and reheating. This has led to a wide variety of microwaveable meals for busy people on the go. These are ready meals that are essentially already cooked and just need reheating in the microwave, ideal for busy people who don’t have much time to cook.

However, while microwaves are useful, they are far from essential for the majority of people. Microwaveable ready meals are popular as a matter of convenience, but are usually lacklustre in quality at best. Most food cooked from scratch in a microwave is worse. They are extremely useful for reheating leftovers so they do not go to waste, but again there is usually at least a small drop in quality. Microwaves are handy, but they are not one of the kitchen’s true essentials.

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