Authenticity in Italian food: how hard is it to find?


Italian food has infiltrated our kitchens, weaving its way into daily recipes and tantalising our tastebuds with its rich flavours and popular staples; however, locating authentic Italian cuisine is often considered somewhat of a challenge. Italians are fiercely protective of their food culture and can be critical of combinations that they don’t deem classical.

Authenticity in Italian food

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The evolution of produce and methods of cooking has impacted the way in which authentic Italian food is viewed by both chefs and consumers. Now more than ever, restaurants are experimenting with new techniques, additions and bringing a contemporary twist to classic dishes; however, it is still possible to experience this melding of interests without sacrificing the authenticity of Italian food.

Italian restaurants in Ireland are redefining what authenticity in Italian food means. They are stripping it back to its core values and presenting diners with dishes that won’t upset their sense of nostalgia or their idea of genuine Italian cuisine.

Bringing Italy to Ireland

Authenticity in Italian food is as much down to the ingredients as the recipe. Ultra-fresh produce can elevate a dish from supper to sublime. Many Italian restaurants in Dublin, such as at, are taking on this philosophy and serving home-grown produce with fresh flavours.

Authentic Italian food is known for being simple, healthy and tasty – all qualities embodied by the farm-to-table philosophy. The readiness of home-grown vegetables and herbs, alongside locally-reared meats and all-natural staples such as pasta and potatoes, brings an undeniable taste of Italy to Irish tables.

The best of the bunch

Eye-catching colours and mouthwatering flavours are the elements most people associate with authentic Italian cuisine – elements that are in abundance among the Italian kitchens of Dublin. Look out for traditional flavour combinations that are not reminiscent of 1970s America, plenty of pork, and generous lashings of oil and balsamic vinegar on local menus.

It is not just the food that makes an experience the real deal, of course. Understated staff, wood-fired ovens and a hearty family atmosphere complete a classic Italian evening. Authenticity in Italian food is not hard to find if you know where to look and if you allow your tastebuds to explore the possibility of a new direction for this most revered of cuisines. Buon appetito!

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