Art can make you feel good


Art is often misunderstood as something you can only do if you’re producing paintings or sculptures and that you are either born with talent or not. This convinces many people that there is no point in doing it because we wouldn’t be any good and there would be no benefit. Another misconception is that you need to work with an art therapist to get any therapeutic value from art. However, we are all born with a very human desire to express ourselves and art is so much broader than just a watercolour of some flowers. Art can benefit everybody and stimulate your brain, improve your mental health and make you an all round happier, healthier person.

Art can make you feel good

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Creating art relieves stress and it can be any form of art like painting, drawing, photography or sculpting. Having a hobby that inspires you and allows you to express yourself can lower stress levels and clear the mind leaving you feeling calmer. 95% of our thoughts are the same ones everyday and if you’re a worrier then your body will soon feel the effect of increased stress hormone levels. Art can help you to take a well earned break from troublesome thoughts and take you into ‘the zone’.

Creating art helps you to focus on the finer details and pay more attention to your surroundings which encourages you to slow down and take a breath and rebalance your mind – almost like meditation. Art also encourages creative thinking skills. Scientifically, mental decline is not due to brain cells dying but a loss of communication between brain cells. The idea of neurobics to keep your brain active has been developed and encourages people to engage in exercises that use your senses in new and interesting ways with art fitting this description perfectly. You might even surprise yourself and create something that others appreciate too. For Fine Art Giclee Printing, visit

Art encourages problem solving skills, as unlike maths, there are no right answers. Art allows you to come up with your own solutions and this kind of thinking will stimulate your grow to grow new neurons. Art encourages whole brain thinking and requires both sides to communicate and work together with no emphasis on the right or left side.

Getting involved in art will also boost your self-esteem and it will feel amazing to stand back and admire your latest piece, releasing dopamine into your system and making you feel good. Dopamine is known to boost drive, concentration and focus so it’s a cycle of positivity. You don’t have to produce gallery-worthy works of art to get this buzz. There are so many different varieties of art that you’re sure to find something that fits your personality. You could consider any of the following: knitting, sewing, woodwork, drawing, painting or even cake decorating! Any activity that engages you, relieves stress and increases dopamine has got to be good for you and helps to ward off depression and degeneration of your neurotransmitters.

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