Any reason to have a party!


Most people think of throwing a party for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings – all the time-honoured reasons for having a joyous get together. However, for those who love a party, there are loads of reasons to celebrate. Why not book a venue and organise a knees-up for any of the following occasions?


A long-awaiting promotion or landing the job of your dreams is surely a life event worth celebrating. Get all your family and friends together in a private room of a posh hotel or restaurant and revel in your accomplishment.

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Not many people see divorce as an opportunity to party, but it can be staged as a pleasant way to announce your new single life. A cocktail party is a great idea, somewhere contemporary and bright. Or why not hire a DJ and dance the night away with your besties? For the best Gloucestershire Venue Hire, contact

Any personal milestone

Perhaps you’ve recently lost a lot of weight or been given the all clear from an illness. Whatever your personal reason, it’s the perfect chance to celebrate your hard work or life challenges and experience the joy of success. Whatever the reason, choose something sumptuous and indulgent like a spa retreat with friends or a party at a top restaurant and a five-star hotel stay.

House warming

Finally getting on the property ladder after years of saving or finally managing to purchase the property of your dreams is definitely cause for celebration. You can also get to know your new neighbours. If the weather is good, hold a fancy garden party complete with tapas, cocktails and flowers.

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Chinese New Year

You don’t need to be Chinese to revel in the New Year celebrations. Get your caterers to serve up a Chinese feast, foods traditionally associated with prosperity and good luck. Include classic Chinese traditions like decorating with red envelopes and hanging paper lanterns.

Last day in a job

As well as celebrating a promotion or new job, why not throw a party to celebrate your last working day of your old job? You’re moving onwards and upwards, so what better way to mark this transition than with a knees up? You could get super creative and display a photo or video retrospective of your time with the organisation. Make it as casual or formal as you like. It can be a fun idea to have a formal black-tie event, complete with classical music and champagne flutes.

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