About Swindon. It’s all in the name.


It’s a very popular view to dismiss Swindon as just another new town. However, this is quite wrong as the town’s origins go much further back than its Industrial revolution past and the fateful decision by Gooch and Brunel to build the Great Western Railways yards there. Swindon is a lively town full of manufacturing with Honda and Intel. There is heritage, as it has the site of the National Trusts headquarters and English Heritage National Monuments Records. There is finance and some of the best Accountants Swindon has to offer, like the ones at https://chippendaleandclark.com/ .

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Swindon is in Wiltshire and it should be remembered that there is a huge amount of Neolithic and Iron Age sites in that county. Swindon was one such. It was a highly defensible place and the name itself suggests as such. There are several possible origins of the name. Don means hill and Swin is thought to be Swine, hence Pighill as there was much in the way of wild boar back then. However, another idea advanced is that it is related to the name Sweyn or Swain meaning young man.

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Whatever the origin, the town was soon a market hub for the local villages and it began to grow. However, it was the Railway works that brought prosperity to the town. It was in the perfect spot to service London and Exeter as it was the mid point for the line at the time.

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