A tidy desk is a tidy mind


There is always one isn’t there. You keep your desk all spotless and organised yet there is also someone how is just incapable of keeping an ordered and tidy desk. This just drive you mad. Why can’t hey keep it tidy? When they get asked for stuff, like a vital document on an account, they can’t find it and start saying they had its here somewhere and joking that its “organised chaos”. We don’t need jokes and oxymorons, we need that report!

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Maddening though this is, for some people, it just shows us how are brains work in different ways. Rather than have a go try and consider what the other person is going through. Perhaps they would like to be organised more so why not give them this list of tips for keeping a desk tidy. Don’t forget though that everyone is different in there approach. I bet you find that the untidy desk one is also the funniest and the most creative. They are usually the problem solvers and the ones that stay positive. They probably think that you’re a bit staid and not as much fun, all a little bit too serious? That’s not a problem you’re a doer you get things done. Again, its you brain just doing its thing. Let’s look at the tips already,

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  1. Stick to the relevant stuff. Whilst its fun to have a load of decoration you need space and relevance on the desk so try and keep your mind on the job so that USB missile launcher sort of needs to go.
  2. No drinks! Ok I’m not sure how practical that is but the suggestion is that you go to the kitchen area and drink it there. First it gets you away from the desk for a bit and up and moving. Second you might actually get to talk to someone new.
  3. Keep the printing costs down. Try and limit those paper copies. Rather than scrabble about for that report scan it and keep a digital copy. You want that report boss? I’ll email it to you.
  4. Get you self a notice board. Anything that is relevant can go on it. Emphasis on the relevant in that sentence. Don’t go and cover the thing in pictures and “you don’t have to be mad to work here but it helps” signs.

Good luck and try to remember were all different, we all work differently. Lets just give it each other a little space, but don’t clutter it.

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