A Summer Spruce-Up for your Garden


Now the good weather of summer has arrived, it’s time to enjoy our outside spaces. If your garden is still looking a bit rough from the abandonment of winter, here are some ideas to spruce up your back yard and get back to spending time in our gardens:

1. Garden lighting

Dusk falling should not mean we have to pack up and head back indoors. For those glorious, balmy evenings, why not consider installing some instant garden lighting. Solar lights are an energy-saving and attractive addition and are available in a wide variety of shapes and colours. Fairy lights across a gazebo or draped in between the greenery is another lovely touch to transform your garden into a magical atmosphere. Jam jars or vases with a tea light are another cheap and quick idea for instant romantic evening lighting.

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2. Tidy up the vegetation

Giving your shrubs and bushes a neat trim will help the plant and also make your garden look better. Why not try a little topiary to unleash your creativity? It doesn’t have to be extravagant – just a simple globe or cube shape will look smart and unique. For any problems with overgrown trees or unruly plants, contact a Tree Surgeon Dorset

3. Disguise any ugly stuff

We all have things in the garden that don’t look the best, such as compost bins, dustbins, tools and various other bits and bobs. If something unsightly is bothering you, consider shielding it from view with a screen of tall potted plants, preferably evergreen. This will instantly change your view, focuses on the great natural stuff and not the unsightly items behind it.

4. Chimineas

These are attractive clay free-standing fireplaces with a wide, round body and a thinner vertical chimney section. They are a glamourous addition to any garden space and their warmth means you can spend longer outside enjoying your garden in the evenings. Every modern garden should have a chiminea.

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5. Water features

A calming and beautiful feature in any garden is one that incorporates water. You don’t need an extravagant waterfall or large pond; a simple bird bath will do nicely. The birds and insects will greatly appreciate it too.

6. Tidy up

The cheapest and easiest tip to make your garden look better is simply to make the effort in tidying it up. Pick up any litter, broken toys, garden waste, rusty tools, old footballs and planks and get rid or tidy away in a garage or shed. You’ll feel better for it and enjoy spending more time in your garden afterwards.

7. Fresh coat of paint

Fences and sheds that haven’t been painted in a while can make a garden look tired and shabby. It takes little time and effort to make-over a shed with a roller or large brush. Perhaps add some brightness into your garden by opting for -proofing and you’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes to the appearance and feel of your garden area.


Written by suNCh8

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