A History of Explainer Videos


If you’ve not heard of an explainer video, quite simply it’s a short, animated video that is used by businesses to tell a story about their brand. They became a popular form of media around a decade ago when the first was made by a company called Common Craft to explain how to use Twitter.

That video contained simple graphics and easy-to-follow language and attracted almost 10 million views, who then went on to easily use Twitter. What a great advert for Twitter, right? Now you get an idea of how useful they can be for businesses to attract customers.

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Explainer videos are the perfect solution for explaining a product or service that otherwise might not be straightforward to describe in a clear way using any other format. But they can be used by any business who want to further engage their visitors. For an Animated Explainer Video for your website, visit https://animationexplainers.com/

For many businesses, it’s hard to express everything they do in an easy-to-understand fashion. When a customer lands on a website, if they don’t immediately get a sense of who you are and what you do, they might not hang around too long. An animated video can harness the visitor’s auditory and visual senses, increasing retention and get the message across clearly and quickly.

Our brains are wired to respond to stories, especially ones that include ideas we are familiar with. By using a mix of familiar ideas with new concepts, an animated video can help to introduce visitors to new concepts and give consumers a reason to think about and care about your business.

Some companies miss the point, however, and simply produce branded videos as part of their content marketing programmes. This is not the same as an explainer video. A branded, non-animated video is like an internet commercial. It could be animated but often it isn’t. An explainer video aims to accomplish something quite different.

What an explainer video accomplishes is somewhat different. It provides information that can be complex or broad and converts into a more user-friendly package for the consumer. They are made to give the customer a better idea of that the business does and why those products or services are important. This is a function quite different to that which a branded video does.

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Explainer videos work by helping memory retention. Humans are highly visual creatures and we respond to animated videos far better than other methods.

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