A guide to staying safe on public transport


Travelling by public transport in the UK is a convenient way to get around. Generally speaking, it is safe, partly due to the presence of CCTV cameras on many buses and trains and at the stations. Despite this, there are some steps you can take to feel even safer on public transport.

A guide to staying safe on public transport

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Careful planning

Forward planning is very useful as you can plan your route. Make sure you know exactly where to catch your train or bus, and be certain which is your stop for getting off in advance. If you are travelling early in the morning or late at night, make sure you know the times that the buses and trains are running.

If you are travelling at night or in an area that you are not familiar with, see if someone can meet you when you alight. If this is not possible, walk near other people and act confidently. It is best to sit near the driver on the bus or make sure you are in a train carriage with other people.

Have your ticket ready when you get on and off the train so that your purse is out of sight. It is also advisable to have your keys ready so you do not have to fumble around and can get into your house quickly.

Hail a taxi or minicab

Always use a licensed taxi or minicabs, which will have a license plate. You cannot hail a minicab in the street, so they will need to be booked in advance. However, you can flag down a licensed taxi. For taxis in Chester, you can book by phone, email or through the website of a company such as http://www.chestertaxiservice.co.uk/. When the taxi arrives, make sure the driver knows your name and destination so you are confident that this is the right company. You can always ask to see the driver’s ID. It might also be on display in the vehicle.

Beware of illegal drivers

Don’t be tempted to use “taxi touts”, which are unregistered and untraceable. The drivers try to pick up fares in busy districts, often late at night. These “taxi touts” have been known to be used by criminals to target lone women, so they should always be avoided. They are also not insured.

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