A good walk spoiled? Maybe or maybe not.


Anyone who has ever been on a Golf course, be it amateur or professional will be guaranteed at some point to remember the words of Mark Twain when he wrote that about Golf. As their ball yet again sails happily into a bunker/River/Club house window for the umpteenth time it’s no surprise that they might ponder the point of it all. They probably start to remember all the good shots and the times it snuck into the hole or landed with precision on a green. Luckily that green is well maintained, as hopefully your own lawn is. If it’s a bit lacking then you can get Briggs and Stratton Parts for your lawn mower  from a company like https://diyengineparts.com/Category/3/briggs-stratton-lawnmower-engine-spare-parts-by-model to get it back up to its glorious self. Where does this charming and deeply frustrating game come from?

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The spiritual home of the modern game of Golf starts in Scotland in the fifteen hundreds but its real original lie much farther back. So, the next time you see Tiger Woods or Ian Poulter down at your local club about to tee off be sure and tell them that they are actually about to engage in a bout of the ancient Roman game of paganica. They will be sure to thank you for it and ask you for more information so you can tell them that it involved hitting a stuffed leather bound ball into a hole. You can also say that the game was one of the first to be played across a continent as the Romans invaded and conquered so many places in Europe they passed it on to other cultures.

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However, the two Pro’s might be well informed and ask you about the ancient Chinese game of Chuiwan. This was a popular game in the eighth and fourteenth centuries, after the Romans, that came to Europe in the Middle Ages. Again it was a curved bat/ put the ball in a hole type of thing that was similar to the Persian game of Chaugan. To really set them up for their round you could finish off with telling them that one of the basis for the modern game was the Dutch game of Kolven or Kolf  which can go on for several days and was created to celebrate the capture of a notorious assassin.

As they wander off after their perfect drives you could also remind them that the game was banned by James the Second in Scotland who thought that people should be concentrating on Archery instead.

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