A Beginner’s Guide to Bending Machines


A bending machine is a highly versatile tool used in the construction industry to manipulate different materials, typically metals, into shape. Used to process metals in many different ways and across critical construction industries, in this article we share how bending machines work and learn about the kinds of machines on offer.
How a Bending Machine Works

Bending machines are designed to shape and bend workpieces during the manufacturing process. They’re made of special materials to allow them to withstand extreme pressure during the process without becoming damaged. There are various types of machine on the market, including popular Euromac bending machines, tailored to each application for precise manufacturing.

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Types of Machine

Pipe Bending Machines: These are used to bend metal pipes and profiles into shape. They are often used in construction projects, for example, buildings, bridges and highways.

Sheet Metal Bending Machines: Ideal for shaping sheet metal, these machines are a top choice in metalworking industries for creating precision bends in components.

Plate Rolling Machines: Used for bending and forming metal plates, these machines come in various designs, featuring a motor-powered bottom roller and an adjustable upper roller.

Press Brakes: Designed for bending metal plates, press brakes are available in different types and power systems, offering precise control for any application.

In Operation

Bending machines operate by applying pressure to a workpiece. This could be hydraulic, electric, servo, pneumatic or manual. The machine secures your chosen material and uses its special bending tools to manipulate it, shaping it precisely under pressure in a uniform, smooth manner. To learn more about using such a machine, see resources such as.

Choosing a Machine

The right bending machine depends on your materials, the complexity of your project and your budget. Considering all of these factors carefully will help you make an informed decision. A variety of Euromac bending machines, for example, are available at specialists such as Cotswold Machinery Sales.

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Bending machines add accuracy and efficiency to the production process for precise shaping. As such, choosing the right bending machine can make a big difference to your production process.

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