A Beginner’s Guide to Bathroom Lighting


The lighting features you choose to install in your bathroom can turn a good-looking bathroom into a peaceful, stylish and enviable space, perfect for relaxing in at the end of a long and busy day. The lighting you choose must also serve a functional purpose, creating the perfect amount of light to match the size and requirements of the space.

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Factors to Consider

Before you are able to choose the best type of bathroom lighting for your home, think about what ambience you are aiming to create. Do you want to create a relaxing environment with dimming lights or a smart contemporary bathroom space with practical LED lighting? Consider where the natural light is within the bathroom itself and capitalise on it, positioning your bathroom lighting to complement the light from the window. Maximising the natural light drawn into your bathroom is key, with a north-facing window offering the best source of soft and indirect natural light.

Light Bulbs

With an abundance of light bulbs available, it is easy to become confused when deciding which light bulbs are the best choices for your bathroom lighting. The ideal colour temperature for a bathroom is 2700K, providing a close comparison with natural light.

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Types of Bathroom Lighting

A recessed downlight is installed into the ceiling and creates a minimal appearance. To reduce the effect of downlights on the building envelope, it is recommended to place downlight covers over the top of the downlight inside of the ceiling. Using downlight covers will ensure that the heat from the light does not escape into the loft, which in turn actually decreases the effectiveness of the ceiling insulation. Heat loss is prevented and therefore your money is saved, simply by installing cheap and easy to use downlight covers.

Low-energy LED spotlights and LED light bulbs are a good choice which, according to the BBC, will contribute towards reducing carbon emissions. A smart and modern appearance is achieved, with the angle of the spotlights being able to be moved to shine the light on the desired section of your bathroom.

Light Fixture Positioning

The positioning your light fixtures adds to the ambience created in your bathroom. Choosing recessed spotlights creates a functional space, whilst placing recessed spotlights above the main bathroom mirror provides you with a flattering reflection.

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