5 simple tips to improve your business website


If your business area is a focus for 2017 and you are considering a re-design, it helps to have a plan in place before you engage a web design agency to carry out work for you. Sometimes it is not necessary to re-do the entire site; instead, there may be simple measures you can take to improve what you have, especially if it was built well initially and on current platforms using standard systems.

5 simple tips to improve your business website

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Know your goals

Before you launch into a rebuild with a Reading web design agency, remember that it is essential to first define your objectives to attain improved performance through a programme of upgrade work. These objectives must then align to your website, which exists to help your business attain its objectives. Use a SMART model to do this effectively.

Plan your taglines

Great websites offer top-quality content that can sell the brand’s offer. Visuals, videos, images and design exist to support the content that drives forward site efficiency; therefore, your site must communicate your business, your brand values, your proposition and your competitive edge. Taglines are key, as customers have minimal time to read posts. They want quick identifiers that you can help to solve their needs, so give them examples of customer feedback and reviews.

Invest in UK

The site user experience must be faultless – the content on your site must be simple to find and customers need to be able to progress through it easily and quickly. Navigation is the key.

Offer value

When you are asking your customers to do something – whether to register, call or buy – make sure you are offering something of value. If you can do this first, you will have a far better chance of enticing them to give you something in return. This could be a whitepaper, sample or free consultation, which helps to build trust. Good web design agencies, such as http://www.starwebinnovations.co.uk/, will have lots of other ideas.

Get your CTAs optimised

Calls to action (CTAs) must be effective to drive conversions. Great CTAs are well crafted and positioned in the right places on your website pages. Your CTA will work with your tagline to build visitor confidence and to create a sense of urgency, encouraging visitors to take quick action.

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