5 of the world’s biggest casinos


Casinos are usually more than a place to play roulette or blackjack. Typically, they incorporate restaurants, hotels, boutiques and even auditoriums for live performance. So casinos can be really large. Here are five of the largest from around the globe.

5 of the world's biggest casinos

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The Venetian Macau

Located in Macau, China, this is the biggest casino of them all, and with 39 stories, it is the seventh largest building on the planet. It is expansive enough to have its own canal, a theatre where Cirque du Soleil perform, and an arena that seats up to 15,000. It has a hotel with more than 3,000 rooms and around 4,000 tables or machines for gaming and gambling. Macau itself is full of casinos and full of wealth, according to this report in The Guardian.

Foxwoods Resort Casino

Located in the American state of Connecticut, this cluster of casinos has 40 bars and restaurants, nearly 8,000 tables for games and slots, and the world’s third biggest poker room.

5 of the world's biggest casinos2

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City of Dreams Casino

Also located in Macau, this giant is near the Venetian Macau. It incorporates Macau’s largest club, VIP and members only gaming areas, a colossal water based stage show and a theatre with an immersive LED experience.

MGM Grand Macau

Still in Macau, this huge casino is a major attraction for gamblers and fish lovers, with a massive aquarium in the casino lobby that is filled with sharks, LED lighting and more than a thousand fish.

Casino Ponte 16

This gigantic attraction is also in Macau, in its Inner Harbour, also known as the Northern Macau Peninsula. It has nine restaurants and bars, and used to have authentic items that once belonged to the singer Michael Jackson. Though they are no longer at the casino, there is a Michael Jackson gift shop and a cafe where fans can pay homage to the entertainer between gaming sessions at the hundreds of tables.

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Whether online or at a table with croupiers, gambling and gaming are here to stay. While visiting a big casino can be great fun, with the internet, there are gaming opportunities to suit everyone.

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