Top tips to de clutter your Garage


Far too often, the garage is a place to store junk. You may not even have enough space for the car, which has to sit on the driveway. Now’s the ideal time to declutter the garage and create the perfect space for your lifestyle.

5 More Ways to Create the Perfect Garage

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Make a Sanctuary

Garages are ideal spaces for pottering about and thinking. If they’re large enough, you can create a little den in your garage with a couple of chairs, an old TV and a fridge to keep some cool beers or drinks in case your friends pop around.

Put in a Lift

If you enjoy doing up old cars or restoring vehicles, a lift becomes an essential feature rather than a luxury. Whether hydraulic or electric, it will make life easier for you and should be top of your wish-list.

Opening Doors

If the doors do not open properly or are in need of attention, they should take priority. Watford garage door repairs can be carried out by a company such as With on-road parking spaces so hard to come by, off-road parking is a real bonus, which is why a Watford garage door repairs company is worth contacting for repairs or converting to an electric door for speed and security.

Make the Best Use of Space

When planning your garage, think about the unused spaces. The car and cupboards can be on the floor, while tools and equipment can be put on shelves on the walls. But let’s think in three dimensions to make use of storage space above the garage doors and on the ceiling too.

Power Is the Key

When planning your ideal garage, think about the power outlets you will need – and then add some more. You can’t have too many electrical sockets. Make sure the garage is on an independent circuit and use four-plug outlet boxes to cut down on the need for power strips.

When sitting down to plan your ideal garage, think about what you will be using it for. It may be simply a place to store your car, or it could be a mini-workshop. Garages are also often used for hobbies such as pottery, woodwork and making models or to keep equipment used in your hobbies like mountain bikes or kayaks. Then you can start to design your space to best effect.

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