5 Easy Home Improvements for Winter


Winter may not seem like the ideal season for home improvement, but there is no reason that you cannot do some DIY during the bleak weather. There are lots of projects you could complete to improve your home without enduring frostbite or exposing your home to the elements. Keep your hands and mind busy by undertaking one of these home improvement projects.

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1.      Programmable Thermostat Installation

Once you install a thermostat with programmable features, you will wonder how you ever got along without one. Although it’s slightly more expensive, the programmable options will repay themselves in energy savings. Remote access in particular is a great money-saving feature, avoiding big bills when you’ve forgotten to turn your heating off.

Installing a programmable thermostat is thought to save around 340kg of carbon dioxide, or £75, a year. Ensure you turn the power off before attempting to install.

2.      Fix Draughts

Although it’s not glamorous, fixing draughts will keep the cold out during winter. Check doors and windows for any gaps, and fix them with new caulk or weatherstripping. Ensure there is a good seal around the areas where pipes enter the home and light switches on external walls.

All you need is foam sealant, a screwdriver and weatherstripping.

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3.      Insulate

It’s vital to check your attic’s insulation to ensure it is keeping heat in and cold air out during winter. It’s a simple investment; rolling out and insulating your attic could simply take an afternoon, unless you find water leaks or other issues along the way.

4.      Clean Gutters

It’s never too late in the winter to stop the increase of leaves, which can cause troublesome drainage issues. Be sure to be safe when climbing ladders, and ask a friend or neighbour to assist you.

Oak porches can also add an elegant touch to your home. Enquire with a company such as http://www.bespoaktimberframes.co.uk/.

5.      Paint

If you can ventilate your work space and are working with no or low-VOC paint, you can easily tackle a painting project in winter. Paint provides a low-budget, instant update to your home, allowing you to immediately enjoy your work.

Feel free to paint anything you fancy, such as different rooms, interior doors, trim, furniture, cabinets and DIY works of art. All you need is some paint, brushes, cloths, rollers and protective covers.

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