4 More Bad Odours That Can Kills Off a Commercial Business


Poor hygiene and bad odours in the workplace can affect the productivity and, in many cases, the health of employees. If a smell is coming from somewhere in the working environment, the key to eradicating it does not lie in the odour itself. Instead, it’s important to discover where it’s coming from, and indeed whether it can be harmful to people. It is possible that vents, fans and commercial air-fresheners can be fitted to ease the problem.

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Carbon Dioxide Is a Killer

Carbon dioxide is used for refrigeration and cooling and has many uses within the catering industry, including putting the fizz in drinks. Dry ice, or solid carbon dioxide, is also used for storage and moving products sensitive to temperatures, such as frozen items and medical materials. This colourless gas is extremely dangerous.

Ammonia is a commonly used chemical in both production and commerce, and it can be used as fertilizer. It is also used in the production of industrial-strength cleaning products, plastics, textiles, dyes and pesticides. At room temperature, it emits a pungent, suffocating smell that can affect the workplace and employees. Inhalation of small amounts can cause chest, nose and throat problems.

Toilet Issues Can Be Flushed Away

If the foul smell is connected to the toilets, help is at hand from firms such as a Washroom supplier Gloucestershire. They can provide all the necessary equipment to deal with issues which can arise. Providing a clean and modern washroom is a positive reflection on the company and a Washroom supplier Gloucestershire has a full range of products.

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All businesses require clean running water. Despite efforts to make the workplace run smoothly and adhere to the law, foul-smelling odours such as chemicals, bacteria and heavy metals can still make their way into the tap water. This can result in a bad taste and smell, and it can also make the water unhealthy to drink.

According to The Daily Post, a pet food company has promised to take action to deal with foul odours from its plant. It had received numerous complaints from residents.

It’s good practice for employers to fix problematic issues as quickly as possible, because with health and safety laws in force, they could find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

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