Future trends in Logistics

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E-commerce’s rapid growth has had a significant impact on the operations of most logistic companies. They are now almost unrecognisable from ten years ago. These are the top trends of 2023:

Workplace safety is improved

After a spike in fatalities at warehouses in 2017, the health and safety of workers has come under increased scrutiny. Managers are increasingly responsible for ensuring the safety of their staff, conducting detailed risk assessments, and adhering to certain legal obligations. Equipment in the warehouse must be maintained regularly and fit for use to prevent accidents.

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Although it hasn’t happened yet, this year we have heard more about the role that drones will play in distribution. It’s only a matter of time before drones are used in daily operations. There are still safety and health issues to be resolved, but they will soon become commonplace. Interior drones for warehouses and distribution centres are being developed. These unmanned aerial vehicles can scan barcodes to help with inventory. They can also be used for Drone Filming. Find out more at www.skypower.co.uk/drone-services/fpv-drone-filming/

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Next Day or Same Day Delivery

In the last few years, this delivery option has become more available. This delivery option is now considered the norm by customers, thanks to the convenience of online shopping. As we make use of tech like drones, more and more companies will adopt the same-day delivery practice.

Cloud-based Data Services

Fast forward to today, and almost every warehouse has the latest technology. This makes processes more efficient, flexible and adaptable. Cloud-based data is one of the faster solutions. It allows staff to access a wide range of data instantly, no matter where they are. Data can be used to manage orders, shipments, and inventory.

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