Versatile, Waterproof, Breathable, Affordable, a Premium Women’s Coverall


Working outside in all weathers, no matter if you’re mucking out the horses, walking the dogs or tending to the garden, a versatile, waterproof, breathable, affordable, premium, coverall designed by and created especially for women, is the perfect outfit of choice. This award-winning clothing item fits perfectly into place alongside the full range of Womens Overalls and accessories that have been uniquely designed and created by a reputable, experienced, supplier such as  Filling a massive gap in this elite market by providing a bespoke range of practical, versatile, affordable, work-related outfits especially for women.  This family-run, reputable, experienced company is providing the perfect alternative clothing range for women working outdoors everywhere.

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In the past, women of all shapes and sizes have had to contend with wearing a man’s coverall, boiler-suit or old-fashioned bib and braces, which not only didn’t fit properly but was totally impractical for any outside work, especially in the rain!  Endorsed by the Gold medal winning British Dressage Rider, Charlotte Dujardin who recommends them for keeping competition clothing clean and dry.  Creating a better design, a better fit and a better shape, women all over the country are now wearing these unique Coveralls for all outdoor, real, work-life situations.

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Having a complete range of adaptable, practical, versatile, good-looking, outdoor clothing suitable for women of all shapes and sizes has proven extremely popular and hard-working females all around the United Kingdom are taking advantage of these unique outfits.

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