Three men who made t-shirts famous.


Once upon a time the humble t-shirt was a simple garment. It was basically the same as a vest with sleeves to keep out the cold under your shirt as opposed to the armless vest. However, from the 1940’s onwards the t-shirt was to rise to prominence and became the essential and ubiquitous piece of clothing that all men, and women have. Now it is available in a plethora of colors and, like the album cover it also, acts as a banner for our band allegiances, helps us to make a political statement or just plain look cool. What made us abandon our informal suits and cotton shirts for this? The answer lies in the look of three men. You can recreate it with Farah T Shirts from

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  1. John Wayne. As he rode the plains looking to stem an Apache invasion or hunting the man that “dun him wrong” Wayne was the North American man that all North American men want to be (even if his real name was Marion). Wayne wore the t-shirt outside of and inside of work.

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  1. Marlon Brando. A rebel and auteur both on screen and off. Unlike Wayne, Brando rode a motorcycle, not a horse, and talked about who he could have been a contender. A bad boy in a black leather jacket, he oozed cool.
  2. James Dean. The other Rebel. Without a cause he lived fast and died young therefore staying forever young. Only smoked a cigarette on screen and in character. Taken in a road accident having only had three significant parts in films.
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