Power makeup: sending the right corporate signals


Recent research has revealed that what we suspected is true: wearing makeup helps to create the image of a more respected, trusted and affectionate co-worker.

Power makeup

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Wearing a professional face of makeup increases a woman’s perceived competence, likeability and trustworthiness by boosting her attractiveness; however, overdo the makeup and you run the risk of producing a glamourous look that may cause a reduced perception of trust and likeability.

It has long been believed that handsome faces belong to good, intelligent people; symmetrical faces are more appealing; and women feel more confident when they are wearing makeup. Until now, however, there has been no research into whether wearing makeup helps women to appear amiable, reliable and capable.

Makeup makes you appear more competent

A study by Proctor & Gamble, which was led by researchers from Boston University and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, appraised female subjects with three looks described as natural, professional and glamorous. Both women and men judged the pictures. The participants concluded that the made-up women – as opposed to the barefaced – were more competent. This held true for the both the glamorous and professional looks.

Makeup can help to make you feel confident, commanding and cool in the workplace; however, ensuring you get the right look is important. Wearing too much makeup can invoke feelings in others of untrustworthiness and reduce your likability.

The perfect boardroom look

With this in mind, what is the perfect look for the boardroom? Check out online resources such as ciaradalymakeup.com for examples of professionally made-up faces and follow the tutorials to ensure you are using the best techniques and products, such as the Ciara Daly Phoenix collection.

Remember that less is more. While dramatic eyeliner, smoky eyes and glittery powder can be fun for a night out, they are not suitable for the workplace. In a work setting it is best to go for an enhanced version of your barefaced look, using conservative colours such as browns, golds and pinks to enhance your natural beauty.

You should also forego the fake tan and eyelashes, which can distract from the work agenda. Avoid bright lipsticks that do the same thing; instead, opt for a pink or brown hue or lip gloss for the perfect pout without distraction.

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